While baker I thought if I could sell bread longer without generating additional costs for my bakery, it would be more profitable.
The Pani Vending essentially starts selling at 6:00am, the cycle is from 18 hours to 21 hours and it generates 80 percent of the turnover of the Pani Vending. When I close my shop, the business is taken by the Pani Vending, which will make additional sales, generating a turnover of €50.000 per year.
My 5 Pani Vending report me about €20.000 monthly turnover, with a very comfortable margin. This machine, on its first month installation, made me earn some money. I bought it with a credit of 48 months, I was refunding €1.000 to €1.200 per month, and the machine generated up to €6.000 in revenue every month, so it’s very easy to get your return of investment (ROI).


I just need to plan the production of baguettes and then what is really awesome is: it is a pre-baked baguettes, you can store it for 72 hours in its cold chamber and then, at any time you can load. There’s not necessary to do it at night. It’s not the frozen pre-baked bread, it’s fresh and warm bread.
Every day people saying the bread is really good, it’s an exceptional bread.
To payback a machine takes a year and a half to two years. We used to sell 41 baguettes per day in my bakery and currently, with the Pani Vending I sell 150 per day, on average. This means that I earn money. Otherwise, I would not managed 3 machines, that’s for sure!

Jean-Claude Huck

I went into this adventure by providing two baguettes distributors. They were working for 7 months and we had 50.000 baguettes sold. Turn pretty much to 6000 baguettes per month. The Pani Vending is a client of the bakery, so automatically my bakery is having more revenue, while staying in a traditional context. The gas station make bread in hot spot, and then people rely on it. But since we put the Pani Vending, I think that hotspots have lost some clients, because people come to the craftsman, to the traditional baguette. We chose a strategic point in a car parking where people can parking their cars.
For Christmas, the two holidays, we have sold 850 baguettes with the Pani Vending, store closed. In the evening, when people come home from work it’s impressive the number of cars that stop, and people thank us for having this idea.

Denis Peter

It’s true that I did not expect this results, it took expanding quickly since I could go on about when I am open on average 150, 160, sometimes it can be up to 180, and when I closed the bakery, it can make 414. Saturdays and Sundays afternoon 300 is the average, so that’s good.
I think I’ll buy a second one.
In a month and a half I sold more than 8.000 baguettes. I think if I stay on the bases I can achieve 6.000 baguettes per month with my Pani Vending, minimum, because this is just the beginning.

Yvan Hoquel

During the night, to have the bread when people are coming out of bars, they are eating one baguettes with Nutella. It’s funny to see people we’ve never seen before telling us: “super cool your thing!”
There is also plenty of people who work at night, quite frankly they are super happy. They tell us “we arrive at 05:00am in the morning, everything is closed, and there is a baguette for breakfast. We go to sleep and we woke up again at 02:00pm everything is are closed, once more, so the machine is really a great invention”.
Even older people, we thought that they would be cautious, in fact they go and the Pani Vending works perfectly with them!

Christina Hoquel