Our History

Since 2009, Mecondielle has contributed to make the daily routine of several industries more efficient, allowing them to give people new commodity and well-being possibilities..

July 2007

The beginning of everything

Brought from France by the two brothers that came out with this idea, the concept of Pani Vending have started its baby steps in Portugal. Through the hand of a qualified expert that turned himself in to the project, the first prototype was born and a small team of 3 was built.

December 2009

Mecondielle was born

After years of developing the concept the necessity of setting up a solid business appeared. At this point Mecondielle was constituted, with its small factory and new employees. The Pani Vending began to be a machine produced in perfect conditions assuring quality and efficiency.

August 2010

Our first machine sold

The first official appearance in the market was in France in a local bakery. In this bakery we had the proof of concept, the proof that the Pani Vending would become what the clients call “The bakery of tomorrow”.

February 2011

The first patent

After years of development and improvements we decided to protect the technology by getting different patents. Nowadays our product reached a peak of perfection that allow us to have more than 7 design and utility patens in the US and Europe.

December 2015

Our first machine overseas

Once developed the concept in Europe we started to approach new markets. Here Mecondielle pushed the boundaries signing a distribution contract in California. Furthermore we started to explore the rest of the US as well as Mexico.

January 2016

Constantly growing

We never stop growing. We moved for the first time in 2014 to a factory with 800m2. Now we are in a factory 3 times bigger, capable to set up its own production line, achieving a monthly production of 25 machines. Awesome!


Why Choose Us

For us, engineering must be a technological asset, which allows people, businesses and companies to reach intelligent solutions. Based on that, we use mechatronics to provide industrial automation services, developing and engaging projects in the auto and the food industries.

  • 1. Innovation & Technology
    At Mecondielle we are constantly investigating new technologies, to offer a better product and solutions. Make it easy, if you want a partner who cares about your business Mecondielle.
  • 2. Experience
    As company we have been discussing and planning new projects since 2007. 10 years of knowledge and experience that we bring to make your business successfully.
  • 3. Commitment & Transparency
    We listen, we discuss, we advice. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your business. We then select the best solution to fit. We don’t shoehorn projects and if we’re not a good fit we’ll be honest and tell you from the outset.
  • 4. People
    We are a vibrant community of talented individuals who are always there to support each other. This leads to a friendly and open working environment where employees enjoy their work and feel like valued members of the team.
  • 5. International Standards
    Our technology is scientifically validated and respects international standards. Our Pani Vending is a result of several years of research and respects the highest standards of procedures and tests. Thats is why we have more than 3 patents world wide.
  • 6. Support & Training
    We provide support and training to all of our costumers world wide by smartphone, email, live or even presently. In the end we support our clients in the choice and use, proving them with key elements so that they can make the right decision.


Prizes & Awards

The result of all the efforts, dedication and hard work, the Mecondielle has been awarded over the years with several awards both domestically and worldwide.

    Luso-French trophies 2014
    The Chamber of Commerce and industry French-Portuguese awarded Mecondielle was the winner of the trophy “PME-CCILF”, which rewards the innovation and dynamism of small and medium enterprises.
    Awarded twice at Concours Lépine
    Our machine received the prize of the Prime Minister at the Concours Lépine 2013 as well as the prize of the best inventor of WIPO and INPI award. In 2014, at the same contest, it received the prize of the President of the Republic.
    The first prize awarded was the second
    At the 13th edition of the “Trophées Commerce Mag 2010″, our machine won the second prize for the invention of the vending machine which offers its clients fresh baguettes 24/7.